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JVP to launch anti-racism movement

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raciThe Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) is set to launch a political movement against racism and communalism, its leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said. The party has taken this decision following the recent troubling events which unfolded in Kandy leading to loss of life, injuries

and extensive property damage.

According to Dissanayake, the national movement will commence with a series of rallies aimed at eradicating racism and communalism. “We have prepared several rallies to launch the anti-racism program which begins on Wednesday, March 21 in Colombo,” he said.

Rallies will also be held in Digana on March 28, and in Matara and Ampara on April 3 and 8 respectively. “The recent local government polls campaigns were fuelled by communalism,” he said adding that the Rajapaksa camp made gains by creating racial and religious divisions in the country.

Dissanayake said what is needed now is the creation of a national unity movement as opposed to communal politics. “We will stand up against any political movement that is fuelling racism in the country and create a political movement for national unity,” he said, adding, however, for the time being political communalism has won.

“But I believe we will be able to champion national unity politics in the future through our efforts,” he said.-SO


Written by lankamuslim

மார்ச் 18, 2018 இல் 11:10 முப

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