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In the sixth anniversary of the war on Iraq: the United States is the biggest loser

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iraq warThe following article has been translated from the Arabic “Al-Wa`ie” magazine dated May 2009/1430 Jamaadal ula.

Six years have passed since the United States invaded Iraq, only one year after launching its occupation of Afghanistan, both of which continue till this very day. Tragedies and hardships, inflected by the US and its allies, have been the constant daily reality for the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in many other places across the Muslim world. Over one million Iraqis have been killed – according to opinion polls conducted by the ‘Opinion Research Business’. 2.3 Million more were displaced inside Iraq and just as many refugees outside – according to the UN General Commission.

Around a million women are either windowed or divorced (based on a report by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning – mid 2007). Children are suffering from malnutrition, which has increased from 19% during the UN sanctions at the time of the Clinton administration to 28% under Bush (Oxfam Report – July 2007). Around 350 nuclear scientists and more than 200 university professors in various fields were killed by the ‘Israeli’ intelligence agency Mossad in cooperation with the American occupying forces (as reported by ‘Al-Bayyna Al-Jadidah’ newspaper on 10/12/2007). The unemployment rate is between 60% and 70%, according to Oxfam’s report, which also states that 43% of Iraqi’s live on less than one dollar a day. All of this is happening, while the country is divided politically on the basis of sect, ethnicity and doctrine. Sectarian divisions are fueled by the bombing of religious centers, kidnapping, killing, displacement, and torture by all involved. It was even revealed that some of the perpetrators, who were caught red-handed, were Americans. All of this, along with an unprecedented and unmatched American criminality, excessive use of force, use of internationally banned weapons, arrests and torture. Not to forget the scandal of Abu Ghraib that shocked the whole world (as in Guantanamo and Bagram). All of this, and we haven’t even discussed any of the other aspects of life in Iraq like agriculture, industry, oil, electricity, water facilities, roads, bridges, postal services, and hospitals. The invasion, and all that has resulted from it, is attempted to be justified with the trumpeting of various slogans like: Spreading Democracy; Preserving Freedoms; Fighting Terrorism; Eliminating Tyranny. Above all, the US has installed a set of puppet and agent rules as leaders and placed them in control of Muslim lives; the same rulers who are betraying their people, dividing countries, and whom the US will use to ensure it maintains a permanent presence when it leaves. This is the democratic model the US wanted for Iraq and the rest of the rulers and nations in the region. The US, the corrupt and unjust leader of Western civilisation that does not recognise any human value other than capitalism..
George W. Bush, who can be likened to the brutal Nazi leaders , would not have been able to launch his vicious campaign without the approval of both houses of the U.S. Congress. The American people were led like cattle in a massacre committed by Bush, which eventually didn’t spare him, his country, its economy, its status internationally and economically, and has forever tainted the Western civilisation. The US has suffered as Iraq has suffered and even more so in some ways. The US is paying for what it did and is suffering psychologically, financially, militarily, strategically, and physically from daily causalities. On top of this, it’s suffering from the downfall of its own civilization, to a degree that some are wondering which of the capitals was the one to really fall, Baghdad or Washington:

Its loss amounted to 4 260 soldiers killed and around 32 000 wounded (according to the Pentagon). As for independent reports, the toll has reached approximately 28 000 dead and 48 733 wounded (disabled/seriously injured) and who were discharged from service (according to a study done by the American Veteran Center – Morgantown 2007)

The study conducted by the American Veteran Center mentioned that 12 422 soldiers are suffering from serious psychological disabilities and in some cases from mental disorders endangering their lives and their families. These soldiers, the report said, suffer from false memories, depression, hallucinations, nightmares, and insomnia. A study by researchers at the University of California, published on 12/03/2007, said that a quarter of the U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from mental disorders. More than half suffer from more than one mental illness. As for suicide, according to a study prepared by the U.S. military, the number of soldiers who committed suicide in one year was 121 and 21 00 soldiers attempting to do so.

A book published in the US in 2008, which the American Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Stiglitz, helped in putting together, states that the occupation of Iraq will cost Americans at least 3 trillion dollars by 2017. It’s also obvious that the global financial crisis caused by the US was a result of its worldwide war on the Muslims. A war that will have a great impact on US’s position as the financial leader shaped by the strength of its dollar, instead, now grapples with the impending introduction of an international financial policy that relies on a basket of currencies instead of the US dollar alone.

30% of new recruits are leaving the service in the first 6 months of service. This prompted the defense force to lower its standards and to issue a memorandum not to discharge soldiers because of their lack of fitness, poor performance, pregnancy or alcohol/drug abuse to cover the shortfall in defense force numbers resulting from the increased casualties, injuries and soldiers deserting their positions. There were 5500 registered cases of soldiers deserting their service. Added to that, the fall in army reserve numbers (according to a report published by the Institute of American Political Studies). The international military coalition which was formed during the invasion has also collapsed. It started with 31 countries and now only 4 countries remain. Various statements have been issued by some U.S. military leaders stating that the U.S. army is currently exhausted and can not participate or start in any new wars.

The failure of the US to triumph in the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan) has undermined its international status and ruined its plans to govern the world unilaterally. This also encouraged other competing nations to exploit the failure and dare to compete in places like Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. The US’s dilemma was expressed by former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, who said: The US is in a dilemma, they cannot stay and they cannot leave.

The fall of its civilization
This is the most important aspect and has the greatest effect. Capitalism has revealed one of its ugliest forms that could have in no way been polished to make it look good. As a result of this savage war, the whole world is suffering from the economic crisis in which the Capitalist West could not find a solution for. This is the bankruptcy of the west’s civilisation that is heading toward a total collapse. Ridding the populations of this Capitalist west and its repeated crises has become an international demand.

The irony in this international conflict of civilisations is that Islam is growing at the same pace as the Capitalist decline. The West is not able to stop Islam as it is running out of materialistic supremacy and becoming bankrupt in its ideology, standards, and way of life. Physical force hasn’t achieved the intended outcomes reserved for the Muslim world. Instead, it has awakened the Muslim masses to what is really going on, made them know the reality of the kafir west and realise how much hatred the west holds for Islam and Muslims. It also made them aware of the importance of Islam in their lives and consequently are returning to their religion at a faster pace so as to lead the whole world with it. We recall in this conflict the Hadeeth of the Prophet (SAW):

“Islam is a robust religion, whosoever fights it, it will prevail over him”

When Bush announced his war on terror, he said it was a global war, a war of values. This implies that Bush recognised the universality of Islam and its global cultural mission in which he wants to limit and prevent the re-establishment of the Caliphate (the Islamic State) – which Bush mentioned literally more than once and described it as “the global empire”. Bush also mentioned that it was a preventive war, which implies that Islam is progressing internationally and will eventually assume power; however he wanted to strike before it strengthened with the establishment of its own state.

The West in its war against Islam is determined to win, determined not to allow the Muslims the privilege of regaining a state of their own. Similarly, the Muslims should be determined to gain victory as to them it is a matter of obeying Allah(SWT) in establishing this Deen. A matter of following in the footsteps of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the establishment of the Islamic State. Muslims will not be able to overcome the tragic conditions caused by the West until they rid themselves of its collaborators, namely the rules in the Muslim world. This can be achieved at the hands of the people who hold the reigns of power in the armies. Only then the Caliphate can be realised through its main prerequisites:

•    An Ummah yearning for Islam and to be ruled by it, which already exists.

•    A political party able to realise the global Caliphate for the Muslims. This also exists.

•    Support from the people of power in the armies who can help to support this party – as did the supporters (Al-Ansar) of Al-Madina(RA) to the Prophet (SAW) when he established the Islamic State the first time so they can rule by what Allah has revealed and spread the light and guidance to the rest of the world by invitation (dawah) and jihad.

The Ummah is now in waiting for that support to help her become complete. Support, that in it is the goodness of change. Allah(SWT) mentions in the Quraan:

“And on that day, the believers (i.e. Muslims) will rejoice at the victory given by Allah with the Help of Allah. He helps whom He wills, and He is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful”

Al-Wa`ie Magazine May 2009


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